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Sep 28, 2012 9:00pm CDT
-nothing. the monday the bears cowboy game in dallas should be good for defenses. the big reason the bears' defense is so good because of constant pressure from the floor. don't forget you can see the bears cowboys game right here on wgn tv on monday night. we have post-game coverage. team usa gives the fed's what they ask for for a ryder cup at madonna. phil mickelson was a big factor in the european struggle. a great shot by fellow. the europeans want just one of the four matches barely hanging on when tiger woods missed a birdie. the usa leads it now 5-3 as they head into saturday. >> i had such a great day, it was one of the best days in my life, so much fun and doing it alongside phil mickelson at one of my idols makes it even more special. >> i've never been to a tournament in my life where the crowd was so loud so we just had a blast we have fun. >> and a big loss for the chicago fire in the battle for first place the white sox hanging on three-one in the eighth. we will be going into cleveland i think when this whole thing is over. pack your bags my friend. that is the news for this frid
Sep 26, 2012 9:00pm CDT
of the political times of his youth taking issue with power structures and encouraging defense warning the establishment's their days were numbers. the record lumber told rodriguez his album into the follow-up recorded in london went nowhere in the u.s.. >> i have no idea how your music came to south africa but i am extremely thankful and appreciative of that. >> somehow cold fact made its way to a apartheid south africa social restrictions on movies music and most certainly on lyrics. those are racy lyrics initially caused south african youth tension but it opened their minds to his political message which spoke to their frustrations with a closed society. the young generation learning about his music is really important. he is singing very soulful songs. the label dropped him the time and i rana cle reflected in the song he had already recorded. >> coz i lost my job to weeks before christmas... >> they dared south african fans to search for more information about the iconic singer commonly thought to have committed suicide. amateur detectives found record producesproducers by ph
Sep 27, 2012 9:00pm CDT
will have to whether it and get into the fourth quarter. >> no. 1 in total defense, they are tough. they are a little banged up but he really put guys in a position to make plays. >> again you will see all of the place monday night here on wgn. pre-game show starts at 7:00 central. monday night football on wgn. last day of practice tomorrow at 720 the opening ceremony this afternoon jessica biel among the thousands of fans out there. take it from the last the hardest part for the hardest part this afternoon came from david. >> i remember being kind of nervous about it, the open ceremony. i think everybody is just dying to get out there and play some golf and to get this thing out of the way. it's such an honor to go through this process because there are so many fun things you get to do. it was quite impressive out there i have to say and both captains i spoke with about the passion will head for their team out there. that's something i think a lot of people don't realize it is one of the few may be one of the only things that you can do. paul caron and what they are hoping does
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3